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We Are The Alliance

Louisiana is home to a growing nonprofit sector. In 2014, there were 12,815 nonprofits in the state. Today, based on 2020 data, there are approximately 18,000 organizations, employing nearly 150,000 Louisianans. About 3,500 organizations have revenues ranging from $100,000 to $3 million with approximately 350 having revenues of $3 million and up. Most nonprofits are small and community-based, serving local needs: 92% spend less than $1 million annually; 88% spend less than $500,000.

Our nonprofit organizations need a centralized resource hub for education, training, accountability and advocacy. For most communities, nonprofits often fill the gap between resources and the citizens who need them.

A strong nonprofit sector is vital to our communities and, if lost, the health and well-being of our communities would be significantly diminished.


We know that nonprofits are more effective working collaboratively with other sectors including business and government and we can accomplish more collectively than we can independently.

Nonprofits thrive within a framework of accountability


We practice and model principles and practices for nonprofit excellence and believe that adherence to such principles and practices lead an organization to a higher level of accomplishment, accountability, and sustainability.

Education and information are the keys to building and sustaining a successful nonprofit sector. Nonprofits need strategic leaders who serve the public good and make an impact on local communities and the world. Leaders and staff of Louisiana nonprofits need training in core competencies:

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Disaster Preparedness
  • Communications
  • Governance
  • Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Create and administer a streamlined reporting process designed to raise the level of accountability, transparency, and effectiveness of all nonprofit organizations to foster excellence and inspire trust. A “gold standard” will provide the nonprofits with a framework and step-by-step guidelines to achieve a well-managed and responsibly governed organization. Foster an environment of cooperation and collaboration to reduce duplication of services and resources and encourage the sharing of knowledge, experience, and lessons learned.

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Baton Rouge, LA 70808

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