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Member Spotlight: Suiting 101

December 15, 2022 12:31 PM | Anonymous


Suiting 101 recognizes first impressions are made in the first seven seconds of meeting someone. Suiting 101 believes appearance is essential for success. This organization will provide a comprehensive program that incorporates multiple workshops, seminars, and experiences to give students the tools and skills necessary to engage in an impactful, healthy, and positive life. Suiting 101 will collaborate with the community and high schools with low graduation and college transition rates to cultivate the academic, social, and leadership abilities of at-risk underprivileged juniors and seniors through education, mentorship, and enrichment.


Suiting 101 mentors and trains at-risk underprivileged students on various life skills with a focus on the importance of appearance and presentation. Most importantly, we suit up leaders for lifelong success.


To instill confidence in at-risk underprivileged students through appearance and presentation and to become strong leaders in society.


We are a non-profit organization working with other community organizations providing career and college mentoring programs for high school students. Students must complete an enrichment program comprised of addressing college transition, leadership, career exploration, and developing a personal vision for a successful future. When the seniors graduate, they are equipped with a complete professional ensemble.


  • To build self-confidence and an awareness of who you are and who you can become.
  • Educate students on proper dressing – the differences between various dress attires.
  • Developing a personal vision for a successful future.


  • Financial Literacy
  • Image/Presentation
  • College Prep (ACT/SAT & Scholarships)
  • Mentorship/Networking

Board of Directors:

  • Chuck Tillis, President
  • Michael W. Victorian
  • Verge Ausberry
  • Artie B. Varnado
  • O’Lindsey H. Brown

Denise Brown, Executive Director

Eugene M. Brown, II – Program Director

2041 Silverside Drive 
Baton Rouge, LA 70808

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