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  • August 18, 2022 10:24 AM | Anonymous

    Although social media and a 24-hour news cycle certainly makes campaigning and political fundraising seem like a 24/7, 365-day event, Labor Day has still traditionally marked the official kickoff of the fall political season. Some new candidates have already started their Facebook and Twitter pages and incumbents are looking for opportunities to raise more money from their base. That said, this is the time to reach out and educate all of these political candidates. The open primary election date is Nov. 8 and the general election is Dec. 10.  You will have the ear of candidates more than ever from now until election day!

    Louisiana elections use the Louisiana majority-vote system. All candidates compete in the same primary, and a candidate can win the election outright by receiving more than 50% of the vote. If no candidate does, the top two vote recipients from the primary advance to the general election, regardless of their partisan affiliation.

    To learn the names of all candidates who qualified for 2022 fall races, see here.

    Elections Hotline Number is 1.800.883.2805. More Louisiana election information here.

  • August 18, 2022 10:18 AM | Anonymous

    All that remains is President Biden’s signature. The House passed the climate, health, and tax Inflation Reduction Act (H.R. 5376) passed by a party-line vote of 220 to 207, and Biden plans to sign it into law on Tuesday, August 16th (it will be signed by the time you read this). Below are a few new resources on the measure:

    IRA2022 implements numerous federal environmental policy initiatives through direct funding programs rather than tax deductions or tax credits. Nonprofits are eligible to apply for several of these programs for use in program-related activities and impact investments. A detailed list of key takeaways of “Funding for Nonprofit Programs and Impact Investments can be found here.

    On the chopping block in IRA2022 from the what was in the $1.7 billion Build Back Better legislation that the U.S. House of Representatives passed last November are universal pre-kindergarten, lower child care costs, paid family and sick leave and the enhanced child tax credit, among other provisions. 

    One key early childhood provision from Biden’s original plan that could resurface in different legislation later this year is the expanded child tax credit, which expired in late 2021. It gave parents up to $300 a month per child for children under 6, and up to $250 a month for children from 6 to 17. It was widely credited with dramatically lowering the country’s child poverty rate while it was in place. The tax credit, which the American Rescue Plan made available to the nation’s lowest-income households for the first time, could still reappear in an end-of-year tax deal. Be sure to remind your congressional members (including state directors and legislative staffers) of the importance of each of the issues above and how funding these to appropriate levels strengthens Louisiana’s nonprofit sector and our communities.
  • August 02, 2022 1:06 PM | Anonymous

    The deadline to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to apply is August 21 at 4:00 PM. For more information about our Competitive Grants, click here. For specific questions, please email Liz LaBorde at

    CFNLA is offering a Grant Applicant Training Thursday, August 4. If you would like to participate please RSVP here

  • August 02, 2022 12:52 PM | Anonymous

    The Louisiana Alliance for Nonprofits is in the process of evaluating and expanding our member benefits.  Part of our evaluation is learning what types of insurance would be of benefit to Louisiana nonprofit organizations in the long term.  Please complete the survey and let us know what types of insurance your organization currently has and might be interested in pursuing no later than August 31, 2022.


  • July 28, 2022 7:39 AM | Anonymous

    FIRST Chance was founded in 2015 after the loss of SPD officer Thomas LaValley. Their goal is to equip and train ALL law enforcement, especially in Shreveport, with belt trauma kits.

    FIRST Chance has a trauma doctor, Dr. Patrick McGauly, who comes in and teaches classes. All participants are taught to use the kit on themselves and others in the case of traumatic bleeding. These kits are invaluable when first responders are awaiting the fire department. 

  • July 27, 2022 7:44 AM | Anonymous

    The Junior League of New Orleans is in the process of clearing out their headquarters building as they prepare for a renovation. The organization has several items to donate to nonprofits in our region. The nonprofit would have to pick up the items as the Junior League does not have the means to deliver them. The items we have are as follows:

    • 10 foot conference table
    • 6 upholstered chairs for table.
    • 100+ auditorium or conference chairs - upholstered in gray fabric. 
    • 6 foot folding table
    • 5 foot narrow folding table
    • desk chairs
    • and many other items
    For more information and to schedule a pick-up, contact Maria Huete
  • July 13, 2022 4:26 PM | Anonymous

    The next Competitive Grant Cycle opens on August 1. Community Foundation is offering two Grant Applicant Training sessions for all applicants. Trainings are optional but are highly encouraged for first-time applicants.

    • Session 1 - July 21 at 11 a.m.
    • Session 2 - August 4 at 11 a.m.

    Reservations are required and can be made with the link below. Trainings will be held in Community Central at Community Foundation. 401 Edwards Street, Suite 125, Shreveport, LA 71101. 



    • Grant Applicant Training Session 1
    • July 21 at 11 a.m.
    • Competitive Grant Applications Open
    • August 1 at 8 a.m.
    • Grant Applicant Training Session 2
    • August 4 at 11 a.m.
    • Competitive Grant Applications Close
    • August 21 at 4 p.m.
  • July 13, 2022 4:18 PM | Anonymous

    Navigating disasters can be complex. In the first days following a disaster, most organizations are focused on securing shelter, food, water, and supplies. That said, another critical component of recovery that warrants our focus and attention concerns legal issues.

    Legal Aid Resources Webinar

    The Greater New Orleans Foundation is proud to partner with Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS) for a webinar spotlighting legal issues, resources, and other information in or after a disaster. Please join them on Wednesday, July 20th from 12:00-1:00 pm for Legal Aid Resources in Disaster Preparedness and Recovery webinar with Laura Tuggle, Executive Director of SLLS.

    This webinar is free, but registration is required. 


    Disaster Title Clearing Project

    Thanks to support from AARP, Louisiana Appleseed Center and Southeast Louisiana Legal Services have launched a Coalition dedicated to estate planning, successions, powers of attorney, and related matters for low-income families impacted by Hurricane Ida. Screened and qualified applicants are eligible to have any court costs related to estate planning and clear title covered by the program. The Coalition is available to provide attorneys at your next event who can answer questions related to estate planning.

    Organizations interested in more information, or that want to host an in-person educational event for staff or directly impacted communities, should contact Adrienne at

    Legal Resources for People with Disabilities

    Disability Rights Louisiana provides legal and advocacy services to people with disabilities around disaster-related issues like: FEMA disputes; accessing medical care, equipment, sign language interpreters in the wake of a disaster; accessing special education services after evacuating; and more. Learn more here.

    Additional Disaster Resources

    The last disaster preparedness newsletter focused on creating a Continuity of Operations Plan for organizations. It is also important that individuals prepare their own personal disaster kits. Emergency Legal Responders has created a guide for the documents you'll need to include in your own personal emergency kit. This includes identification, housing, financial documents, and more. Click here to access the guide.

  • July 06, 2022 4:06 PM | Anonymous

    CreateAthon is a national organization whose mission is to champion effective, nonprofit marketing through pro bono “creative marathons.” For 24 hours, the BBR team will cease all regular operations to focus their time and talents on marketing for nonprofits in the community.

    Since 2019, through a partnership with CreateAthon, BBR has donated over $382,000 worth of marketing services across nine Louisiana nonprofits. This year’s event is on September 22 and 23, and will provide free production deliverables for selected nonprofits.

    CreateAthon Service Offerings include:
    • Social Media Strategy & Content Development
    • Email Marketing
    • Event Branding, Planning & Promotion
    • Marketing & Advertising Campaign Development • Marketing Plan

    For more information, email:

    APPLY BY JULY 8, 2022


  • June 02, 2022 5:11 AM | Anonymous

    The Center for Literacy & Learning was founded in 1992. They have office locations in Metairie, Baton Rouge, Alexandria and work is done state and nationwide

    Mission statement: Advance literacy and learning through evidence-based practices in the classroom, home, and community.

    Top Goal: Everyone is empowered through literacy

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