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Universal Charitable Deduction Advocacy

December 14, 2022 4:11 PM | Chelsey Blakenship (Administrator)

Nonprofits continue to be impacted by the pandemic and the economic downturn. As we know, these events have made the need for charitable giving more important than ever. The Universal Charitable Deduction makes a difference to individual donors as many nonprofits have seen a huge drop off in that tax bracket since the new standard deduction took effect.  

The Charitable Giving Coalition has a new letter that is being used as the primary advocacy tool for making the case for restoring, extending, and improving the universal charitable deduction. To date, the letter has over 700 signers from all 50 states. Although this isn’t a National Council of Nonprofits letter, the messaging is good to share with congressional members should your nonprofit elect not to sign onto the letter.

Congressional members are off for the holidays after December 15th. The House calendar and swearing in of new elected congressional members will be held on January 3, 2023. If you don’t have relationships with your congressional members or the Louisiana and D.C. staff, now is the time to call to schedule a meeting with your members and/or their staff to discuss your organizations’ major challenges and how they can help.

Nonprofits around the country are focusing advocacy efforts using the following three points:

  1. Charitable nonprofits are still reeling from years of significantly increased demand for services and unstable or declining resources;
  2. The charitable giving incentives enacted by Congress, especially the Universal Charitable Deduction, helped nonprofits meet those needs and maintain services until the incentives expired at the end of 2021; and
  3. We ask that you immediately restore and extend the charitable giving incentives through 2023 to provide support for nonprofits now while giving Congress time to consider permanent solutions.

Please email if you have seen a huge drop in your donations since the new deduction took effect.


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