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Will They or Won't They Meet for a Veto Session

July 06, 2023 1:24 PM | Anonymous

Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoed 25 bills, including a slate of measures aimed at LGBTQ+ identity. Edwards, a Democrat who is term-limited, had until last Friday to decide which of the Republican-led legislature's bills he would reject. Gov. Edwards restored Thursday a surprise $100 million reduction to the Louisiana Department of Health along with $7.5 million for early childhood education. Edwards, who has the authority to veto specific line items in budget bills, added back $100 million in state general fund cash to the health department by slashing $125 million in retirement debt payments. That is likely to frustrate House conservatives, who during the session prioritized paying off debt and secured hefty extra payments to that end in chaotic last-minute budget negotiations

Lawmakers will decide if they want a veto session to try to override the governor. A majority vote in either the House or Senate can cancel the veto session. Ballots that went out to lawmakers to vote to hold a veto session are due by July 13. If veto session is held, it would start July 18th. 

Seven high-profile bills that got the ax include: 

  • House Bill 85: Making approaching police officers a crime
  • House Bills 182 and 399: COVID vaccines and schools
  • Senate Bill 159: Putting some 17-year-olds back in adult jails
  • House Bill 81: Restricting pronouns in classrooms
  • House Bill 466: Critics call it the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill
  • House Bill 648: Youth gender-affirming care ban
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